Picture  story : #Laughs Garvin the mammalogist, was in Alaska studying polar bear.

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#Laughs Garvin the mammalogist, was in Alaska

studying polar bear.

In sub-zero weather, he would spend 7 days out on

But, after his 7 days in the field, he would return to the
small town
and spend a day or two resting up and drinking in the
only bar in town.

On one particular day it was 40 below zero and
Garvin made his way into
the bar.

He asked Bud, the bartender, for a

"I don't know, Garvin, you sure have run-up a big
bill in here." The
bartender told him.
" I know," Garvin replied,
"But I'm flat broke, and I sure could
use a drink.
"OK," The
barkeep told him, "I'll just write your tab down on the
piece of
paper and pin it up here by the coat rack."
"Oh no, don't do that, I
don't want everyone in town to see it.
"Don't worry," The bartender
replied, "I'm going to cover it up
with your parka until its

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